About Us

radio tv forum 2012Xdevel was created in 2001 and consists of a team of people involved for many years in the broadcast and webcast. The experience gained over the years allows today to provide very simple software solutions, built on the needs of broadcasters and integrated with hardware equipment. The added value of our company is the helpdesk that supports customers in a serious and reliable way.

The decision to develop broadcast solutions came from the aspirations of a team involved for many years in the world of radio and television that believed on the continous progress and expansion of this industry and continues to believe today, after the first decade of activity.

At the core of our business philosophy there’s the commitment to comprehend every single customer’s need following their advices that allow us to continously improve our products, keeping up with the technological progress.

Our customers choose us as partner to provide services because we support them in all the technological processes of their business and ourselves believe that it’s more productive to be followed by those who thoroughly know their needs and the way they work, paying attention to what really matters.


The reactivity and the ability to innovate when there are new demands of the market has led us to improve and expand our services.
Initially our products were broadcast focused on our suite of software Xautomation FM for radio automation, created to make the process more efficient and faster everyday work of broadcasters in all its aspects.

Over the years the product range has been elevated by a series of new solutions necessary for broadcasters to be up to date, including: Online streaming , websites creation with special attention to marketing and social networking the development of App for mobile devices, integration with hardware systems and specific services for program editors. In the last months and following a growing demand from our customers the focus of the development has extended to the broadcast television, but from a well-defined point of view: that of the publisher radio that prefer to watch on the big screen the contents of a radio.

Among the news of 2013, Xautomation RT , a complete solution that will allow broadcasters to expand their experience by introducing the Radiovision . Anyone can now listen and watch your contents on any device, OTA or by DTT, internet, mobile or desktop.

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