The multichannel audio logger.

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Radiolog is a software designed to record the station’s daily broadcast and maintain a 90 day (or more) archive of the recordings. Radiolog allows the station to specify different quality recordings for different times of the day and different days of the week, and makes it possible to quickly access any audio file from the archive.

Radiolog is multichannel, allowing from 1 to 4 channels on the same recording workstation. Each can be linked to a different audio device, recording in a different quality or encoding format.
Quickly identify the station and the recording source assigning a description to each one. Radiolog is suitable for any audio card as it does not require any special hardware.

Radiolog allows you to set different audio qualities for each day and time of the week, even using presets (High/Medium/Low). Record your live show in high quality and use a lower quality for the rest of the day to save hard disk space.

Radiolog automatically deletes old files. Choose how many days of registration you want to keep for each of the recording channels and it will do the rest.

Radiolog Player (included) allows you to review the archive of recordings from any workstation on the network, with precision down to the second (for example, it is possible to listen to what was aired 20 days ago at 12:30:35, with a simple mouse click.)

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