Sound Solution XAP

The multi-band audio processor.


SoundSolution XAP is a multi-band audio processing software that includes many interesting functions, such as: Compressor, multi-band Limiter and Expander, AGC, Gate, Stereo Enhancer, Bass Equalizer, integrated Preemphasis 50 – 75uS, and pass-bass filter with anti-alias.

Technical features

  • Multiband Compressor – Expander – Limiter
  • Center frequencies B1=170Hz, B2=1000Hz, B3=3200, B4=7200, B5=12000
  • Gated AGC
  • Stereo expander
  • Limiter / Compressor / Two Bands Clipper
  • Bass equalizer
  • Pre-emphasis 50-75 uS generator and anti-alias bass-pass filter

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