Easy and effective commercial scheduling.

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Xmanager is the application that handles the scheduling of commercial advertising for radio and tv stations. Xmanager manages the customer database, each with its own contracts and periods through its powerful database engine based on Microsoft® SQL Server. Export, print and share data and reports across the workspaces.

Technical features

  • Powerful and complete management of customer’s personal details.
  • Centralized management of more than a station at a time.
  • Advertising campaigns schedule based on more than an audio/video file.
  • Easy management of customer contracts.
  • Manual scheduling with rotation and optimization to separate product categories and normalize the number of spots in the time tables.
  • Ad rotation for each single file.
  • Alternate or single days scheduling.
  • Priority managament for each single spot in each time slot.
  • Intuivie scheduling visualization through “colored bricks” which can be easily moved or placed with a simple drag ‘n’ drop
  • Non-destructive audio and video editing
  • Export and print complete commercial and contracts reports in HTML, DOC, RTF and PDF formats.
  • Assign a cost to each single spot to be able to export data to an invoice manager.
  • Splitting areas management to differentiate advertising schedule in different local frequencies.
  • Schedule management integration with Xautomation and the most common radio/tv automation suites.
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