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Xautomation RT is a complete suite which allows you to broadcast Radio and Television simultaneously. Integrates an audio/video software mixer with automatic camera switching, news tickers, customizable graphics, Facebook and Twitter messages visualization. Handles external sources such as Skype.

Technical Features

  • User-friendly interface that makes complex video tasks easy.
  • Video playout which supports the most common video formats.
  • Automatic synchronization between radio and tv playlists
  • Playlist Generator and Event Scheduler
  • Software Audio/Video Mixer including 7 channels, multi-camera support, preview, picture in picture, automatically managed presets.
  • Camera switching which can be manually or automatically managed.
  • Embedded Low-Latency DSP (Sound Solution XAP 3.0).
  • Non-destructive video editing with auto-crop.
  • Ready to air graphical templates including titles, static or animated graphic overlaps, logo and other elements.
  • Full-featured CG Editor to customize graphical templates.
  • Air external video sources from streaming, file or Skype©.
  • Direct screen capture to broadcast web sites, PDF files or any other desktop element.
  • Static or animated graphic overlaps which can be activated automatically or manually by the user.
  • Dynamic RSS or text-based news tickers and automatic integration with Wunderground.com® meteo service.
  • Automatic or manual insertion of animated Ads.
  • Ability to associate animations to single video elements.
  • Facebook ©, Twitter and SMS messages integration with ability to edit or filter text and photos before airing.
  • Titles, credits, captions and lower thirds which can be organized in libraries and aired immediately.
  • Automatic download of artworks from iTunes or music news from italian music portal EarOne. Every news can be directly associated to an artist or a song.
  • Video palette for an easy and quick images/animations overlap.
  • Powerful hardware based on HP workstations with multi-core Intel Xeon and RAID to maximize performances and stabilities.
  • Video playout based on Blackmagic Design DeckLink professional video cards.
  • Multi-platform streaming to reach over 500 desktop and mobile devices.
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