The commercial splitting software module.

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XmasterSplitter is the commercial splitting application, able to handle up to 8 areas on a single pc, even using consumer audio devices. More workstations can be placed in cascade to meet any broadcaster’s requirement. XmasterSplitter can handle up to N*8 splitting areas using N workstations.

XmasterSplitter is built to be modular. Save your money if you have just a few commercial splitting areas at first, extend it at any time to meet your future requirements and earnings forecasts.

XmasterSplitter is the perfect companion for Xmanager, the easy and effective advertising management application. Create your time slots, manage your customers, schedule different splitting areas at once. XmasterSplitter will do the rest.

If there are differences regarding durations of each single splitting area, XmasterSplitter will automatically fill those with songs or fillers in order to have the same duration everywhere.

XmasterSplitter is based on Microsoft® SQL Server which features high security, high speed transactions, scalability, easy backup and restore functionalities.

XmasterSplitter can be interfaced with Xsplitter, the solid-state and reliable audio switcher for commercial splitting that features an emergency system to handle “mute” zones.

XmasterSplitter receives and sends commands exchanging informations with Xautomation and Xmanager through a rock-solid TCP protocol on LAN or WAN.

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