XmasterSplitter en


Player for commercials splitting on multiple broadcast areas

XmasterSplitter is the application that manages and reproduces up to 24 areas of commercials split from the same workstation. Each commercial area will be reproduced on a dedicated audio output, present on the workstation. A modular solution, adaptable to the needs of radio stations of all sizes. For structured networks, which require a considerable number of splitting directions, to regional broadcasters that split commercials on a smaller number of areas.

Player for individual areas with management of duration differences

The main interface allows you to view all the split areas created, all the time points where splits are expected, the spots loaded on each area and to upload different time slots on the air until the last moment. Any difference in duration between the individual areas at a certain time are managed thanks to the automatic insertion of audio buffers.

Technical features

  • Compatible with Xautomation and Xmanager.
  • Supports up to 24 areas of commercials splits.
  • Insertion and reproduction of automatic audio buffers to bridge the differences in duration between
    the areas.
  • Supports any audio device recognised by Windows.
  • Switching by MPX type hardware splitter.
  • Switching by sending a signal with contact interface.
  • Automatic switching via Xaudiomatrix.