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Doubts or questions? Our dedicated support team can answer you about our radio and TV industry software products. The support service is provided via helpdesk, telephone or through remote desktop sessions.


Download and read our guides on the correct use of the Xdevel softwares.

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Watch our subtitled tutorials for a demonstration of the correct use of the Xdevel softwares.

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* the indicated price (excluding VAT) refers to a single work station and may vary according to the specific needs of the issuer.

Helpdesk support (*)

We have created a dedicated helpdesk to collect and centralize your requests in order to follow you and assist you the best as possible. You can take advantage of the helpdesk support by sending a request for assistance to or by connecting to the portal with the credentials received at the time of purchase. If your email address is different from that indicated at the time of purchase, provide us with an e-mail address as a technical reference.

Remote desktop support (*)

Through this support mode, we can respond to your requests in a much more effective way, by intervening directly on the computer on which you have installed the software. You can arrange an appointment with our team by sending a request to with the date and time of the remote connection. We prefer the TeamViewer Software.

Telephone support (*)

Speak to our technicians, it will be easier to explain your needs. You can take advantage of telephone support by calling +39 0942 793988 at the times set by your plan.

Standard time

The service is active from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) from 10am to 1pm and from 3pm to 6pm.

Extra time

If you wish to take advantage of telephone support beyond the standard hours (for example, intervention on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays, or intervention outside working hours), you can subscribe the PLATINUM plan, agreeing in advance on the extended hours and / or days of intervention.

Software Updates

We are constantly working on our software to release new updates which include new features, existing feature improvements and bug fixes. During the subscription period of your plan, we will provide you software updates or new releases.

Priority wish list

Tell us about new features that you would like to have included in the software. We will analyze what you suggest, evaluate the impact that the functionality can have within the software and we will reserve to implement them in future releases.

Technical consultancy

A workflow needs multiple software integration to be properly executed. One of our operators will be at your disposal to give you the best advice for integrating our software with third-party systems.

On-site installation

We are ready to run to you if you need us. If you want to be followed by one of our technicians during the installation and configuration procedures, you can request an intervention directly on site. And there’s more: we will also be at your disposal for post-installation interventions.

(*) For support via helpdesk, remote desktop and telephone, GOLD plan’s users have priority over BRONZE and SILVER plans’ users.  PLATINUM one’s will have priority over all.