Who we are


Since 2001 Xdevel has been dedicated to the development of softwars for radio/tv stations and the supply of
audio-video streaming services. We do it with passion, commitment and innovation. Our strength is our customer portfolio, on whose needs and wishes we design ideas and solutions for the present and future radio and television sector. We are an experienced, unite and reliable team. We celebrate our successes, we never stop improving ourselfes, we are satisfied only when our customers are.

Maurizio Gugliotta


Over the years, the range of products has been enriched with a series of new solutions that are essential to allow broadcasters to keep up with the times, including: online streaming, the creation of websites with special attention to marketing and social networking, the development of apps for mobile devices, integration with hardware systems and specific services for music programmers. In recent months and following a growing demand from our customers, the focus of development has extended to broadcast TV, but from a well-defined point of view: the one of the radio editor who wants to show on screen the contents of a radio.


We want to become the point of reference for all companies that believe in continuous progress and expansion of the radio and TV broadcasting world. Create solid and lasting partnerships with our customers who, through their feedback, help us find simple solutions to complex requests. We want to be appreciated and known for our leadership, innovation capacity and reliability of our softwares.


Our mission is to match our success with the success of our customers. For this reason we have created an ambitious, competent and bold team that knows the meaning of active listening. This way, we focus on what is right to do and how to do it, taking care of timing and meticulousness.


Our values are the principles on which all our choices spin.
Respect for our customers makes us honor their requests. Efficiency allows us to satisfy them.
Technological innovation to follow and anticipate the needs of the radio-TV sector.
The audacity in not being afraid of our ideas and converting them into solutions.

Radioplayer Italia

Player Editori Radio

Player Editori Radio is a partnership of Italian radio publishers of various sizes collaborating to enhance the radio listening experience and overcome the limits of territoriality.

Xdevel is the technological partner of Radio Publishers Player, sharing the philosophy that technology should be equal for everyone and that the focus should be on the quality of content.


Radioplayer is a non-profit organization, and its activities are aimed at making radio listening easy on connected devices. The work is carried out in collaboration with broadcasters, developers, technological platforms, automakers, and hardware manufacturers.

Xdevel is the Team Operations for Radioplayer in the Italian territory.