VideoLog en


Recording of broadcast video up to 90 days

VideoLog is a logging system that simultaneously records and archives the live video coming from different types of sources (decoder, antenna, satellite), allowing to comply with legal obligations, which require broadcasters to maintain and archive the recording of programs for the 90 days after the date of their broadcast. The software, conceived in the perspective of an integrated radio automation, saves the recordings on file and automatically removes the obsolete video segments, overwriting the new recordings. VideoLog presents a modular multi-channel structure expandable from 1 to more simultaneous recording channels on the same machine, and allows you to choose to start the individual recordings automatically, at the start of the application.

Simultaneous recording of multiple sources

VideoLog can be configured to record from multiple sources simultaneously. Each recorder can save videos with different name and format, keeping the last 90 days of transmission on disk, automatically dividing the recordings into 60-minute files and superimposing the date and time for a quick search and consultation.

Technical features

  • Video acquisition from physical or virtual devices (vMix, OBS, etc.).
  • Possibility to define multiple recorders, with quality and customised audio/video coding.
  • Automatic splitting of recordings into daily folders and 60-minute files.
  • Automatic removal of records older than 90/180 days.
  • Date and time stamped in the recorded video.
  • Email notifications in case of errors or insufficient disk space.