App for iOS & Android

Every broadcaster deserves a cutting-edge mobile app to be able to compete in a very challenging sector and to have an increasingly large and limitless audience.
Our apps are native, written with the platform language they will be used on (like Swift for iOS and Java for Android). It is also possible to interface apps with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Apple Watch and Amazon Echo smart speakers thanks to Alexa skills.
An absolute strong point is the use of an advanced audio player accompanied by a modern design and full of attractive features essential for a successful broadcaster.



With the Amazon Alexa device skill, you can be listened on all smart speakers.
It will be enough to say the command “Alexa, listen to Radio Taormina” to be able to listen to the live streaming of your station.

All in one app

Listen to live streaming audio and watch live video directly from the app in full screen.

CarPlay and AndroidAuto

Control the app directly from your latest-generation car radio with CarPlay and Android Auto systems integration.

All functionalities


Invite your audience to take and share a personalised selfie with your logo directly from the app.

Track and program onair

View artist, title, cover, ranking
on the track.


Integrate all your audio and video channels into a single app
and allow your audience to choose their favorite channel.

Live messages

Integration with WhatsApp and social media will allow your audience
to comment on live programs.

News and chart

Inform your audience with news and music charts automatically taken from your website.

Advertising banners

Directly propose to your advertisers to host their promotional messages or integrate your Google Adsense.


Revive your schedule allowing
followers to listen
to your programs.

Palimpsest and notifications

Show your palimpsest and send your listeners push notifications to bring them back to the app or to an external link.

Geolocated flows and splitting

Managing multiple streams will allow your audience to receive relevant commercials for their location.

Purchase the app for your broadcaster now

You can purchase our apps directly online, using the buttons below.


Technical features

  • Fully customised graphics
  • Multichannel audio/video player
  • Background listening
  • Support for mp3/aac+/h.264 formats
  • Live direct TV in fullscreen
  • Metadata display (cover, artist, title, additional information on the track on the air from EarOne and iTunes)
  • Selfie with personalised frame
  • Integration with WhatsApp for messages during live
  • Direct links to the broadcaster’s social media
  • Support audio/video podcasts organised in categories
  • Weekly palimpsest from the broadcaster’s website
  • Push notifications to bring your listeners back to the app or to an external link
  • Ranking from EarOne (the airplay monitoring service, partner of the Italian music industry)
  • News with RSS feeds from the issuer’s website
  • News with video support from YouTube channel
  • Support of proprietary advertising banners or those linked to the broadcaster’s Google AdSense account

If you want to add thematic audio channels to your radio we recommend Inonda, the platform to create radio in the cloud.

Read our FAQ's

Contact us to purchase the apps. You can choose the App Premium Package plan which includes the development of an iOS app and an Android app or purchase the apps for the Android and iOS operating systems individually. When purchasing, you can choose add-ons to customize your apps.

The purchase through the online store requires payment by credit card valid for the Visa, Mastercard and American Express circuits.

Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer in advance. In this case, the order will be processed within 2-3 working days of payment, in relation to banking and management times. In order for the payment to be recorded correctly, please send the bank transfer receipt to

No, our plans don’t involve payment in instalments.

The annual subscription guarantees the user support and updating of its apps in case of problems. In addition, it guarantees the possibility of making changes, such as, for example, the logo of the radio station or streaming links.

App customization is possible thanks to the numerous addons developed by us. You can choose, for example, the mock-up of your app, enter the latest news and/or the list of the broadcast songs, make the app configurable for automotive (CarPlay and AndroidAuto) and much more.

Of course. Contact us by sending an email to Our staff is ready to help you.

The cost of the addons is to be intended as a one-off and will not be included in the annual app renewal fee. They can be purchased both in development phase and later.

Upon expiration, the Plan will automatically renew for the same initial period and so on each subsequent expiration in the absence of cancellation that must be received by Xdevel thirty days before the expiry date of the Service and that must be made by the Customer to the email, or cancel the automatic renewal directly from the management panel of your Account.

See the terms of service for further clarification.

If you do not renew your subscription, static content in the app will remain available, but will no longer be editable (for example, updating contact details or the issuer’s logo),
dynamic content will no longer be available (for example, automatic rankings or metadata).

See the terms of service for further clarification.

If you purchased from the online store, you can turn off automatic renewal by accessing the management panel with your Account credentials, click the subscription section, choose the product you want not to renew, go to edit and then turn off automatic renewal.

Alternatively, it is permitted to interrupt the Service, thirty days before the expiration date, by sending an appropriate communication by e-mail to

See the terms of service for further clarification.

To facilitate the user, after making the purchase, a form to be filled in will be sent via email. All the information necessary for their development will be entered in this form.

Within 25 working days of receiving development materials (graphics, web resources, etc.).

The publication on AppStore, PlayStore and AppGallery requires subscription at Apple Developer ProgramGoogle Developer and Huawei Developer by the customer.

With the purchase of our apps, 12 months of support are included which allow you to make changes to the logo of the radio station. Make sure you have an active support service or contact us to renew it.

With the purchase of our apps, 12 months of support are included that allow you to make changes to the streaming links. Make sure you have an active support service or contact us to renew it.