Xaudiomatrix en


Audio matrix software for audio routing and commercials splitting

Xaudiomatrix is an audio matrix software that performs the routing of N input sources to N output destinations. Designed to simplify audio and splitting routing needs, it can be used in automatic or manual mode. It interfaces with Xautomation, through the definition of software commands, and with XmasterSplitter, for the emission of commercials in split mode, transforming it into a valid alternative to MPX type switching hardware. The split audio outputs will be available for any type of destination, even in streaming.

Intuitive input/output switching

The Xaudiomatrix interface shows the available input channels (from top to bottom) and the available output channels (from left to right). Switching of a given input channel to an output
channel is indicated by the presence of square icons, where the matrix resources cross.

Technical features

  • Audio matrix with N inputs and N outputs.
  • Possibility to interface with Xautomation and Xmastersplitter.
  • Possibility to switch multiple external input sources directly.
  • Customisable audio configuration with both mono and stereo support and complete options for the management of L and R channels between inputs and outputs.
  • Volume setting and PRE/POST mode on the outputs.