Xwebcopy en


Download manager for broadcast

Xwebcopy allows the automatic download of news and audio and video programmes to be transmitted on your station and the upload of files for immediate replay. It works both in automatic mode, through time scheduling on different days of the week, and in manual mode. Xwebcopy is a download manager specific for broadcasters, that automates the process of downloading/uploading content, thanks to functionalities such as the use of temporary variables in file paths, the processing of audio files and the execution of customised commands.

Customised scheduling

The interface allows you to quickly view the daily schedules of news and programmes, manually intervene on the operations of creating, removing, modifying or downloading/uploading files, automatically setting the download/upload following the scheduled events.


Technical features

  • Download files from HTTP, HTTPS or FTP sites.
  • Scheduling of downloads/uploads on the various days of the week.
  • Dynamic management of files whose name contains temporal variables, through the use of Jolly characters.
  • Automatic upload of files from PC to FTP server or planning of local copies of files.
  • Automatic conversion to MP3 and normalisation of WAV files.
  • Execution of custom commands at the end of the download.
  • Automatic download of RSS feeds.