Xautomation version comparison

Choose the version that best suits you

Xautomation is available in 3 versions: Basic, Lite e Full. Lite e Full, besides the functionalities of the Basic, include other applications for a complete management of your radio-station.


Suitable for recreational use or
web radio.


Suitable to radio stations with limited
requirements for ads management.


Suitable to any radio station that needs
a full management system

Versions comparison

All versions include archiving, editing, scheduling, live assist, automatic and manual generation of schedules, silence detector, reporting, logging of the tracks played, user management, external streaming management.

  • Basic
  • Lite
  • Full
For whom is itSuitable for recreational use or web radioSuitable to radio stations with limited requirements for ads managementSuitable to any radio station that needs a full management system
Tracks editing and sorting as per the parameters selected by the user
Verification and printing of the program log
Commercials management and scheduling
Management of automated download of programmes from the internet
Silence detector and email notification sending
Metadata sending towards third party RDS encoder
Audio recorder and editor
Player for commercials splitting on multiple broadcasting areas
Automatic switching of audio channels for external sources2x24x412x12
Encoder for streaming on multi-format internet with metadata management
Receipt and handling of SMS and WhatsApp messages
Recording of broadcasts for up to
90 days
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Technical Features

  • Airing in manual or automatic mode suitable for broadcasters that work many hours on live and for those that work automatically 24 hours a day.
  • Storing tracks to add, remove, classify, search, filter and organise audio files.
  • Drag-and-drop to make the broadcasting and programming operations intuitive.
  • Non-destructive editing with the possibility of setting markers such as IN, INTRO, MIX, OUT, REFRAIN and OUTRO on each track.
  • Monitor with the possibility of previewing the mix with the next element.
  • Live recording of the audio stream for immediate re-use.
  • Playback of audio streams via the internet and broadcasting of external audio sources for automatic or manual management of external live event.
  • Integrated scheduler based on musical rules to generate complete schedules upfront, with an advanced algorithm for tracks selection.
  • Real-time scheduler based on musical rules to delegate to the system the choice of the best song to be transmitted without the need to create scheduling in advance.
  • Numerous musical rules such as song and artist separation, element never at the same time, hours and months allowed, song and artist alias, maximum number of artist presences.
  • Instant verification of musical rules to analyze tracks.
  • Complete history to find out what has been transmitted and to graphically display on the grid the hourly positioning of each single passage on the air.
  • Silence detector to restart the system in case of problems with email notification.
  • Jingle palettes with unlimited presets to immediately access audio files, effects and bases to be used during live broadcasts.
  • Extraction of audio files from CD with CDDB support for immediate data tag.
  • Recorder and editor with all the basic features for creating audio content.
  • Backup module for data integrity and to transfer the archive to any storage device.
  • Printing of the log according to law regulations.
  • Streaming transmission of one or more outgoing audio streams with sending of metadata.