XautomationTV version comparision

Choose the version that best suits you

Xautomation TV is available in two versions: Lite and Full. The Full edition, in addition to the Lite features, also includes other applications for a more complete management of your TV channel.


Suitable for TV stations that manage a program schedule and custom graphics.


Suitable for any TV station that needs
full management.

Version comparison

  • Lite
  • Full
For whom is itSuitable for TV stations that manage a program schedule and custom graphicsSuitable for any TV station that needs full management
Edit video’s according to the parameters chosen by the user
Management of graphics and audio/video sources of the TV channel
Titler, message organiser and caption with integrated video palette
Verification and printing of the program register
Commercials management and programming for your station
Recording of video broadcasts for up to 90 days
Automatic camera and video source manager
Receipt and management of SMS and WhatsApp messages
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Technical features

  • Video playout with support for the most popular formats.
  • Playlist generator and event scheduler.
  • Video mixer with camera’s management, preview, picture in picture and scenes that can also be recalled automatically.
  • Camera’s switches manageable by the user or automatically without the intervention of the operator.
  • Integrated audio processor to optimise audio output.
  • Non-destructive editing of videos with the possibility of automatic crop.
  • Graphic templates ready for broadcasting on video that include titles, overlays, logos and other graphic elements.
  • CG Editor for customising graphic templates with the possibility of inserting static objects or animations with support for transparency (GIF, MOV).
  • Management of external audio/video sources, screen capture and NDI.
  • Dynamic RSS-based crawls or automatically downloaded weather forecasts.
  • Static crawls with user-defined information.
  • Automatic or manual insertion of advertising banners on video.
  • Ability to associate banners with video elements.
  • Titling from SMS, WhatsApp or social media messages with the possibility of editing text and photos before broadcasting.
  • Titles and captions that can be organised in the library to be recalled immediately.
  • Video palettes for fast superimposition of images or animations on the video on the air, with support for transparency.