Xrecorder en


Audio recorder and editor

Xrecorder includes all the features of a professional audio editor, with recording, format conversion and normalisation options. Particularly suitable for creating headings and newsletters thanks to its News manager, which allows you to store and assemble previously created records.

Quick and easy editing

With Xrecorder it is possible to simultaneously open multiple audio files, generate mixes and other editing operations with immediate visual feedback, thanks to the waveform generated in real time.

Advanced recording modes

Xrecorder supports punch-in mode, to record from a specific point of the audio file without overwriting it and the mix mode, to superimpose the recording on the existing audio file. Moreover it
is possible to enable the recording “without silence”: Xrecorder can automatically detect the silence during the recording and remove it without further editing.

News manager

The Xrecorder database allows you to store newly created audio files and recordings, archive them by categories and use them to produce the hourly editions of radio news. A fast news manager that allows on the go the creation and the broadcast news.

Technical features

  • Editing one or more files and the possibility of mixing the selected file with a file previously saved on disk.
  • Audio recording from any physical source, punch-in or mix mode and recording “without silence”.
  • Ability to archive recordings by categories.
  • News manager to create automatically news and programs from a group of archived records.
  • Final export to MP3 320Kbps or WAV 16bit.