Romantica Radio utilizza Xautomation

Romantica Radio chooses Xdevel

Romantica Radio has selected Xdevel for a comprehensive transformation, marking its entry into the world of radiovision.
Founded in 2022, Romantica Radio has captivated listeners across various platforms, offering a musical selection that spans the most beautiful songs from the ’60s to the early ’90s.
Our technical team has overseen the entire installation process of Xautomation RT suite software to ensure the station is on air with a video channel. The ease of use of Xautomation software, particularly with XeditingCG, facilitated the graphic creation of Social TV in radiovision.
Furthermore, the integration between Xpilot and XmessageTV provides speakers with control over on-screen graphics.
Xmanager and XmasterSplitter are employed to manage the scheduling of the advertising schedule and differentiate advertising streams among various zones served by the broadcaster.
For the management of audio and video streaming channels, Romantica Radio has adopted the StreamSolution platform—here is the link to the final result.
Xdevel is proud to have been Romantica Radio’s first choice, a successful partnership that underscores the significance of radiovision by adding a visual dimension to radio content and enhancing the listener’s experience.