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Video playout with
scene management

XautoTV is the application dedicated to video playout. The program receives and shows the information of the playlist from Xautomation, has a preview panel on which to preload scenes with audio and video sources and allows you to control the sending of the scenes broadcast on the Program.

Video library

The Xautomation TV video library is well organised and easy to access, with the cataloging into genres to create and modify as desired. The search for a video in the archive is immediate and simple, to always have your video material available without searching for it in the system folders.

Video search

Searching for a video, using keywords or filters, is instantaneous so to allow an operator even at the last moment to retrieve an element to be broadcast.

Editing video

With XeditingTv the users can edit videos according to the parameters chosen. Editing is done by the use of markers, without overwriting the original video files. The marker settings of each individual video are stored in the Xautomation library.

Playlist Editor

With the Playlist Editor it is possible to create and organise playlists, which are essential for building the daily schedule or for managing the schedule at specific times of the day. Playlists are not just video lists but can contain categories, sequences, commercials and even commands to other softwares in the suite.

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It is the ideal solution for a TV channel that wants to have
full control of its music library, video editing features,
titles and reports.


Integrates advanced applications for commercials programming, recording of video transmissions,
management of cameras and messaging.